Windows Update Problem Server 2012

When trying to install updates on a server I’ve been unable to click on the links to see the Optional or Important pending updates- they just didn’t work. It is if they are just formatted as links but don’t actually do or go anywhere.

In the past when going to the start screen and typing “update” to open the update utility I’ve seen an option for “Install Optional Updates.”
As a troubleshooting step I started from that point, got the same (seemingly) update window but now was able to click the links, select the updates, and install them.


Tech Career Training

If you’re into fixing computers as a hobby or your the go to member of your family for all the tech issues that arise- and you want to turn it into a career- here are the certifications that would have saved me several years of on the job training. Continue reading

Dave’s Streamliner Dolphine

It’s a little old 1997 Geo Metro that’s been retrofitted into an streamlined electric car with impressive performance. It can haul two adults a distance of 321 kilometres (200 miles) at a speed of up to 115 kph (72 mph) on a single charge of its battery bank. All for the lowly conversion cost of a mere $3,000 USD. Ecomodder reckons it gets equivalent to a jaw-dropping 214 miles per gallon (MPGe).
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Aptera Gallery

No telling if this project will ever get off the ground or not. Continue reading

I Want My Computer to Be As Smart As My Phone

With the advent of small devices like the iPhone, iPad, and all the android phones and tablets there came a need to read small text and solve for other problems that never existed conventional computers. What I need now if for some of that new “smartness” to

There have been several times now where I’ve double-clicked on a body of text wanting my browser to zoom to that section so I could reed it better. On my phone in most any application but especially in the browsers the functionality exists to tap a portion of a website or text and- for vizibility’s sake- the app will zoom to that text so that it I don’t have to put on my glasses to read or hunt for a super small link to click. Since getting used to this feature its now habit for me to try and transfer the utility to my laptop or desktop computer.

Also, there’s the shortcut of tapping the title bar to return to the top of any page. How many times, on your computer, have you scrolled down though several days of Facebook or Google+ posts and want to return to the top of the page? The only option to do it quickly is to reload the page rather than using the scroll wheel to scroll scroll scroll scroll all the way back up.

What about you? What do you miss from your phone when you sit down at your desktop/laptop?