I Want My Computer to Be As Smart As My Phone

With the advent of small devices like the iPhone, iPad, and all the android phones and tablets there came a need to read small text and solve for other problems that never existed conventional computers. What I need now if for some of that new “smartness” to

There have been several times now where I’ve double-clicked on a body of text wanting my browser to zoom to that section so I could reed it better. On my phone in most any application but especially in the browsers the functionality exists to tap a portion of a website or text and- for vizibility’s sake- the app will zoom to that text so that it I don’t have to put on my glasses to read or hunt for a super small link to click. Since getting used to this feature its now habit for me to try and transfer the utility to my laptop or desktop computer.

Also, there’s the shortcut of tapping the title bar to return to the top of any page. How many times, on your computer, have you scrolled down though several days of Facebook or Google+ posts and want to return to the top of the page? The only option to do it quickly is to reload the page rather than using the scroll wheel to scroll scroll scroll scroll all the way back up.

What about you? What do you miss from your phone when you sit down at your desktop/laptop?

4 thoughts on “I Want My Computer to Be As Smart As My Phone

  1. There is a zoom feature built into every browser, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Just click on the "settings" feature to find it. Or go to Help and search for zoom.

    As for jumping to the top of a browser window, pressing the Home key in Windows or Mac will do the trick. End will take you to the bottom. You can also use PgUp and PgDn to scroll up and down a screenfull at a time.

    • Hi Bob, Thanks for the comment! I do often forget about the home and end keys. I use the zoom settings but they are based on percentages larger/smaller than the font size. What I want is to zoom to the div (section) I'm reading and have that fill the screen. The other problem with most of the browser zooms is that they reset the viewing of all your tabs and future browsing. Since every page is different its more efficient to zoom based on specific element rather than a generic unrelated factor. But, I understand once you get used to a workflow its hard to change it.

  2. Almost forgot, if you hit Ctrl and the Plus or Minus keys on a PC you will zoom or shrink the text. It's Cmd and Plus or Minus for a Mac.

  3. I often find myself trying to use the non-existent touch screen on my laptop, especially while working on homework with the kids. And, yes, the zoom thing . . . no the current zoom on a computer does not compare.

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