Dave’s Streamliner Dolphine

It’s a little old 1997 Geo Metro that’s been retrofitted into an streamlined electric car with impressive performance. It can haul two adults a distance of 321 kilometres (200 miles) at a speed of up to 115 kph (72 mph) on a single charge of its battery bank. All for the lowly conversion cost of a mere $3,000 USD. Ecomodder reckons it gets equivalent to a jaw-dropping 214 miles per gallon (MPGe).
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Using Less: Gas

I used to tell people I had an office with a 365 degree view. I was a mobile computer tech. We had clients all over the metro OKC area (competes for the town with the most square miles in ¬†America). ¬†I had had a few different cars during that job but I started thinking seriously about gas usage when the price began being consistently above $3 a gallon. That year I asked my bosses for a raise based on gas prices. They agreed and it helped a lot but my monthly gas bill began to out pace my stipend. At the time I was driving a Dodge Dakota 5.9l V8 (thought we’d be pulling a camper more but that didn’t pan out at the time). The best I could do was in the Dakota was 15 mpg. If I drove super conservatively I could get to 16 mpg.

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