God Bless This Mess

By David Bazan

God, bless the man who stumbles
God, bless the man who falls
God, bless the man who yields to temptation
God, bless the woman who suffers
God, bless the woman who weeps
God, bless the children trying her patience

Trouble getting over it is what you’re in
For so pour yourself another
It’ll take a steady pair of hands
Holy or unholy ghost well now
I can’t tell but either way you cut it
You should get some distance
If you plan to take a stand

God, bless the house divided
God, bless the weeds in the wheat
God, bless the lamp lit under a bushel

I discovered hell to be the poison in the well
So I tried to warn the others of the curse
Then my body turned on me
I dreamt that for eternity
My family would burn then
I awoke with a wicked thirst.

By my baby’s yellow bed
I kissed her forehead
And rubbed her little tummy
Wondering if she’d soon despise the smell
Of the booze on my breath like her mom
Through a darkened mirror
I have seen my own reflection
And it makes me want to be a better man
After another drink

God, bless the man at the crossroads
God, bless the woman who still can’t sleep
God, bless the history that doesn’t repeat

Heaven and Hell: The Theology in My Mind

I was asked my opinions on Heaven and Hell and how I relate to them as a motivating factor for life.  And, since today is my birthday and a day of reflection on such things as the afterlife, I thought it appropriate to post.

Hell, hmm, Hell and Heaven are a big blurry swirl of color, kind of a tie-dyed t-shirt in my mind. A little absence of God wrapped around a little end of “Gladiator” mixed with a white or black void with floating heads ala Futurama, Fire and Brimstone, Sheole, Paradise, Lazurus, Pearly Gates. Hitler, Mother Theresa, 3-piece suit in a Baptist Pulpit, Eternal Choir Practice (my feet hurt), 7 levels of torment and I haven’t even gotten there yet..

What I’m sure of is that both exist. Some form of “with” God and some form of “without” God (sounds like some form of boring). But, taking clues from our present existence of which we see in part… I am hopeful that Heaven will be more than I can fathom. Things like sex and laughter, joy of my kids, inspiration, heart swells, anticipation, end of a good day of work. Sitting at a big table of Italian food with people I love. All the world is as close as family, all the world is as close as a thought and Jesus, the heart of God is permanently wrapped up in my mind and heart.

As far as motivation, I may be- on some level- but my minds eye doesn’t really go out that far. Its like I live for today with the hope of the future not a dread of it. Don’t get me wrong though there are plenty of days when I wish for it now, in fact those are coming more frequently recently but I also have an urgency that there are lots of people in the world that have never felt the mercy or grace of someone who loves them and that somehow that’s my responsibility.

Not much solid theology or doctrine (I don’t know the difference) but that’s how it breaks down in my mind.