RichCopy from Microsoft Engineers

While looking for backup solutions for my wife and I– I discovered an interesting choice that Microsoft had made regarding Windows 7. They took out the ability to backup to a network drive. Vista had this ability and I’m pretty sure XP did as well. Now only the professional and Ultimate editions of Win7 have the blessing. But.. I was able to find a Microsoft tool that some engineers built that will let you do just that, and its free.

Its called RichCopy and it seems to be a great little backup program, You can download it from the technet article. The download is called“HoffmanUtilitySpotlight2009_04.exe”

DNS Changer: Fix it Before it Strikes

(First I’m going to explain a few things, you can scroll down to the removal steps if you’d like to skip the educational part that will make you a better person.)

I’ve been cleaning malware (the general term for trojans, viruses, and unwanted programs) for over 14 years now. I’ve seen the “Black Hat” hackers go through all sorts of fads trying to put a new spin on old exploits. There is truly “nothing new under the sun.” Continue reading

Simple 12 Character Passwords

I here very often “I have too many passwords to remember.” or “This password is too hard” or “Why do I have to change my Password so often?

Making a simple passwords nearly unbreakable is a cinch.

“One UPPER, One lower, One number, and a Bunch of characters.”

The way it works:

When a “hacker” is trying to break a password they have to “guess” the WHOLE password at once.

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